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Income Generation the Pivotal theme for Punjab’s resurrection: PPCC President lol

Income Generation the Pivotal theme for Punjab’s resurrection: PPCC President

PPCC Chief launched the First point of the Punjab Model which reflects means to bring the income from state’s resources back to the Government from Mafias and Private players.

PPCC President stated that in the past 25-30 years, under Badals and Captains rule, thekedaari system has taken over Punjab’s resources. Income of the State is being diverted to private pockets, hence, the only way to bring back resources of the state, is to end the thekedaari system and take government control over important state’s resources and revenue streams.

Punjab, once the most prosperous state, is the most indebted state in the country. 50% of state expenditure is being funded through the high-cost debt. State pays 30-40% of its revenue as just Interest on the old debt.

The PPCC President highlighted that revenue generation is the solution to most of the ongoing problems of that state. There would not be even a single protest in the state if there was money in the state’s exchequer.

State’s resources are property of the people of Punjab. Hence, income from those resources should come to the state’s exchequer and should be invested for the welfare of the people. The real reason for this large-scale unfortunate corruption has been mismanagement of public finances, lack of transparency and accountability and centralization of power which has helped in fund diversion to private pockets.

Punjab Model means full and real time transparency and accountability for the people. Financial condition of the State and its corporations will be made public through an online portal.

For the past 25 years the state’s financial distress has been at the centre of Public and political debate. Many complain about it, but nobody has given any agenda for a solution to this distress. The Punjab Model is an effort towards that direction. He welcomed that if someone has a better agenda he is willing to walk behind them.

These are not just tall claims but a researched manifesto for the growth and development of the state. Barring the unscrupulous corruption suffered by the state of Punjab by the hands of some powerful people, today, the state struggles with two most important broad level issues- Unemployment and lack of sufficient revenue resources. And the Punjab Model is set to fight it out and more.

The first and foremost role of the Punjab Model is to create revenue streams by creating:
1. Liquor corporations;
2. sand mining corporations;
3. cable regulations;
4. promotion of transport corporations;
5. Outdoor advertisement which

Which collectively stands a potential of generating about Rs. 50,000 crore additional revenue. Which if put in CCS schemes (Center Schemes) will translate into 1 Lakh crore

Elaborating on these intended programs PPCC highlighted that not only these corporations would contribute to additional revenue streams for the state, they would also create ample employment opportunities for the people of Punjab.


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